The Red Tree Beside My Home

I just had to make a photo entry here on my blog about the maple tree that is beside my home. In just a matter of  two days the leaves turned from a orange to a deep red colour, yet the tree has hardly dropping any leaves. This transformation is quite astonishing as I have been taking photos of it daily for the last few weeks.

It is a neat looking tree but because of its location It is hard to get really good wide shots of it without having my home, vehicle and other trees in with the shot, so I use my telephoto mostly for my shots. This tree has the most widest range of colours of all the other trees on the property. In spring the tree buds were completely pink and white, and today its leaves are bight red.

Red Tree 01 Oct 26 2013 small

Red Tree 02 Oct 26 2013 small

Red Tree 03 Oct 26 2013 small

I zoomed in to about 80mm, then 150mm, and then 300mm, in these shots.

These leaves look really pretty from my living room window. When the Sun shines on them, my whole room glows this red colour. Well, anyway, I like photographing this tree, the colours it shifts into are just amazing.

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