The Red Tree Beside My Home: Part Two

Okay, I am obsessed with this tree in terms of wanting to photograph it as much as I can before it completely changes itself for winter. I cannot help it because the colours, contras and vibrancy of this tree are so unique from all of the other trees that are also going through their autumn shifts; this tree really does it for me with the camera. Today, with such a clear sly, the light hitting the tree at high noon made it possible to focus on the one of the bird houses that hang from it. It is windy out to, so much patients was needed when focusing on the bird house with my 300mm lens. I really took advantage of the “Peeking Mode” of the camera when locking in the focus points with the auto focus, then holding the Auto Focus/Manual Focus switch to time the waving branches during each gust of wind.

Bird House 02 - small image

Bird House 01 - small image

Well, anyway, the tree will lose its leaves soon, and the place will look brown again as we head into another winter season. Yes, I sound gloomy, but only becuase I have to do the raking, and I have a lot of trees around the yard from which I have to rake up afterwords. But it is moments like today that make it all worth while!

One Thought on “The Red Tree Beside My Home: Part Two

  1. Beautiful photos…

    I read the other day… it is the season where every leave turns into a flower… so true. …and what a beautiful month this October was!

    Enjoy the last few days of the beautiful tree… Winter beauty is on it’s way (what ever that may be)


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