One More Sleep Until Halloween!

Well, one more sleep until it is Halloween–I cannot wait! Tomorrow night I have a party to go, and a few friends are coming over before that for a small fireworks outing with their children becuase I have a place not to far from here where letting off a few fireworks is not going to bother anyone. I will not be in my costume until the party.

One More Sleep Until Halloween - sm image

I decided that I would wear a couple of latex prosthetics, and go as a living dead person with spike sticking out of my head. Nothing to elaborate, only because I will not have that much time to get into a much more complex costume like I did last year. Last year, I wore a mask, and I decided to keep the great reveal, well a secret, because I did not want the people who I was partying with to know who I was (only host knew). Hint: I was in Richmond, BC back then.

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