Rain is Better than Snow, Right?

I went through my photos from last year becuase I was kind of curious about when we got our first snow fall. I know, “thinking about snow–really bad Tom, really bad.” Well, according to my photo archives, it looks like around December 12th was when we got snow, or at least in Langley City when I took the shots with my camera. It does not mean that there was snow else where in the valley, by the way, it was just when I recorded it from my point of view. But this time last year we did get hit with a few good rain storms, just like this weekend, and the beginning of November, 2012, was a wet one, so we may see more to come for 2013.

Rain Drop on Maple Tree Nov 2012 - small image

The above photo was taken in down town Fort Langley, on November 2nd, at Mavis and Glover. I had just gotten my 30mm macro lens, and was using it on my little started camera, a Sony A33. I remember how happy I was having a lens that had a ridiculously short focal distance, 6mm at 1:1. So doing close-up shots, like this one, was sweet for me as a budding photographer.

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