That is Sooooo Passé: Talking Shop With Other Photographers

It was a cold morning today, a little frosty around the edges, but a bone chilling kind of cold no matter how high you had the heat on inside. Very early this morning I headed into Langley City to meet up with some old friends (from my days at college) to check out this career day that a few companies were hosting. One of the vendors was a photography company that sells really high end equipment (I will not mention their name here, by the by) so I just had to check them out.

High Clouds - Nov 4 2013 - small image

Anyway, long story short, I was mocked about shooting with Sony products. I was not heart broken about it, but I did fire a shot back at them saying that all pro series gear is good, it is just finding the tools that you like the most, is what counts. I gave them my Blog’s web coordinates, and they looked at some of my shots that I have posted here.

Blood Red Leaves - Nov 3 2013 - small image

They said that I had a “good eye,” but they really wanted to see if I did studio work with models, and slightly more risqué type shots in my portfolio. I said that I did not do those types of shots: not that I would never do them, but the if opportunities ever camera up I would, and that I would like to venture towards that type of photography.

Their head guy said, “when you do, come back here and we will talk.”

Later, the guy said that Sony was pretty good, but that they were not an official Sony dealer.

I was happy that I at least got to see them. It was unexpected. I never thought of seeing a photography company at one of these workfare set-ups.


2 Thoughts on “That is Sooooo Passé: Talking Shop With Other Photographers

  1. What a bunch of elitist pricks… don’t let them get to you.

    Instead of encouraging you on your journey they seem more interested in belittling you for your choices and preferences.

    I shoot Pentax, and Pentax shooters get the same kind of treatment.

    Thing is though, I’ve read more than one story of a bunch of photographers going on a group trip in really cold weather. Some of the Nikon and Canon professional grade DSLRs would freeze up and stop functioning. Not the Pentaxes… they keep chugging along.

    You seem to very much enjoy your Sony… run with it. Let them pound sand…

  2. Thanks Radam. I totally agree, as so called professionals like to boast their wears onto the masses, without realizing that their products may not cut the mustard in some environments (as you said). I believe that higher end products, no matter what brand it is, are good and do the job you asked it to do. For example, I have Peeking Mode on the A77. The Canon Club told me that what Sony has is not “true” Peeking Mode? How can you have fake Peeking Mode?

    I am not bothered by this. My camera does the job, and I like it.

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