The Streets of Fort Langley, BC on November 06th, 2013

With some time to kill, as I awaited for a business meeting with colleagues, I took some time to walk around town while the high clouds were letting in enough Sun to capture good photos with. The little town did not disappoint, as people were buzzing all about, under the Sun, and construction crews were working flat out, constructing, making for some interesting photos today. Oh the little town is changing.

My first stop was the main street (Glover Road) in the Fort Langley business area. I took this photo using a 300mm lens, trying to narrow my depth of field as much as I could, f2.4, but as much as I like this lens, it is very limited in the fine tuning I would prefer to have with a telephoto. When I looked at this set of photos, I laughed, as I thought that people here in Canada do walk on the right side of the road. I wonder if they walk on the left side in great Britain?

Fort Langley 02 Nov 06 2013 - small image

And then there is what I call the most loneliest street (below) in Fort Langley which is along Church Street, just before Mavis Avenue. Okay, maybe obscure would also better describe it? Anyway, there is not much to it on this side of the street, just an orange coloured brick wall and a few trees.

Fort Langley 01 Nov 06 2013 - small image

Now for the construction. As everyone knows by now, a brand new housing project in under way in Fort Langley, adding 52 new homes along McBride Street (where I used to live). I think I will miss the laundromat the most. I do have a washing machine, but I still need a proper dryer; I am using my solar powered drying system, but now that we are into November, it does not work all of the time.

Lombardy Trailer Park in Fort Langley - Nov 06 2013 Photo 01 sm image

Below, is looking at the construction site from Mavis Avenue and McBride Street, South West. Above is McBride Street, looking North.

Lombardy Trailer Park in Fort Langley - Nov 06 2013 Photo 02 sm image

I am hoping to take more photos of the down town area this weekend. Hoping then that the weather improves as we are scheduled to have a rain storm come in tonight, lasting for two day! November….

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