I Feel So Warm: Frost Free Kinda Like

I like going through my photos from years past, and lately, I have been comparing events from the year before, kind of like checking to see what I did one year ago, sort of thing. I like seeing what to expect, or memories from events that place, and posting about them. So, as I was looking at photos from November of 2012, I found that on November 8th, 2012, we had our first frost in Fort Langley.  Here is the photo from that morning.

First Frost in Fort Langley Nov 08 2012 - small image

Amazing that my cheap’O Sony A33 took really good shots like this.

The photos really help me recall events from months/years before. That day, a year ago, I took several photos of my then home(in down town Fort Langley) because I had just secured a deal for the place that I am living in now (Glen Valley). Funny how photos help you remember all that from months long ago?

So, we are doing very good this year as far as not getting any below freezing weather. Me may have had some hint of frost two weeks ago, but I did not see any myself, but with it being so warm this year, I think we are going to be Okay for another week frost free.

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