Picture This: DSC00394 from My A33

I came across this one, fog on the Fraser River, shot back in December 11, 2011. I was pretty new with my Sony A33 back then, still getting used to the feel of the camera. Without even knowing how to set the while balance, and many other critical functions of the camera, I played to chance by shooting in full Auto Mode, and maybe one out of many would turn out good. This shot was one of those weird “maybe” shots that I would have tossed, or deleted, but I was glad that I kept all of them becuase now I like it.

Foggy December 2011 on the Fraser River Fort Langley - small image

I was also lucky that I shot this in both RAW, and JPEG becuase I would have not gotten the right tone if I had not shot this one in RAW; doing a slight tone correction saved this image. Other than that, I left the image the way it was without any other post editing. Of course, looking at in full screen mode is a lot better as you can see all of the details that you other wise could not in this tiny 500 x 333 pixel image. I should print off a 30cm size photo–think someone would like it?

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