Remembrance Day – The Poppy

Today is Remembrance Day. I thought that I would just post a photo of a Poppy that grew in my yard from the summer as a tribute to this day.

Poppy - June 06 2013 small image

I was told that this (above image) was a California Poppy, but nonetheless it seems to be the closest resemblance to the Canadian Veterans Legion’s icon that we see Canadians wearing on their chests leading up to November.

I have to admit that this is a beautiful flower. When It first started growing in my yard, showing it’s peddles, I was all over this with my camera. This flower has one of the most complex structures I have ever seen in a plant. And the colours: Red, Orange, Purple, Teal, Green, White, always changing throughout its short life.  The flower only lasted a couple of weeks before it withered away.

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