The “R” Word

Yes sir Bob, it is raining out. But what is new, really, around here on the “Wet” Coast this time of the year? We seem to be getting some warmer-milder temperatures than the rest of Canada (and four ourselves in general), and it does seem to be a little “dryer” than normal, but who really knows these days as the weather seems so out of whack. Are we going to get that “super” hot winter, or the “Snowmaegeddon” winter that the dooms day prophets keeps yapping about? Or is it just going to be the grey, gloomy, blah for the next six months?

RAINing Thomasso Graphic - Nov 2013

Okay, just to throw this into perspective for you. Today I woke up shivering, needing to crank up the heat inside. By mid morning, it started raining, and at one point it came down at a steady rate. By Noon, lunchtime, the sky was clearing, and there was a little bit of a wind, but the temperature started to climb. By 2:00pm, I was outside working, doing some lawn work, and I was wearing my T-shirt becuase it was to warm for a sweatshirt. This lasted up until 4:00pm when it finally cooled down enough to call it quits and stay indoors. Meanwhile, most of the major cities in Canada are getting snow, very cool temperatures and some places really looked like winter had a full-on grip on them. Alberta, or Southern Alberta in particular seemed to be the exception with double digit temperatures, but I heard they too were heading right back into winter-mode by tomorrow. Even right now, as I type, it is 10C outside, and it could be even warmer here as that temperature (on my internet forecaster) is what is being recorded at Vancouver International Airport. a.k.a, YVR.

So deep down in side I am hoping that we get a warm winter; and I will be happy living with the rain, as long as I know Mr. Jack Frost is nipping over at someone else’s house, errr, I mean toes. If we do get that feared Snowmaegeddon, well then, so be it, I will deal with it. But for what it is worth, I sense the usual grey, wet, mild winter that is so typical here the Wet Coast Canada.

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