Exercise: Packing Camera Gear on Hiking Trails

Today was a great day for more exploring in the deep forests and levies of Glen Valley along the river. I drove down to the flood planes on the Abbotsford end of the valley to do some hiking along the river, searching for birds. Other than lots of mud, there were very few birds in the area, but I got a great workout instead of great shots.

Sunny Day on the Canal - Glen Valley Nov 14 2013 - sm image

I did see some dead fish, or spawning salmon, washed up along the beach, and loads of squirrels, but the birds were not in the area. I think the birds were mostly out in the fields because I got to the park around late noon, and the Sun had warmed everything up, so the fields were prime hunting grounds for them.

So birds, what did I find?

Canadian Geese in Formation Nov 14 2013 - sm image

Lots of Canadian Geese flying overhead. They seemed to have come from the river, and were flying towards Vancouver from my vantage point. Why Vancouver? That’s not even South?

I really think I hit the wrong time of day for capturing birds with the camera today. The Sun was out, with lots of high cloud, but it was also warm out, and there were lots of people, farmers working in the fields, and park workers building fences and collecting the garbage.

By the way, I think I lost a few grams in the process too. LOL!

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