An Update–For Those Who Need to be Kept In the Loop

Well, the weekend is over, and I still have a mountain of things to do, and loads of running around to do. Winter season is upon us; I may trek up to Terrace, BC; Comet Ison may be viewable in my neck of the woods soon; and the ever changing Fraser Valley. So, where to begin?

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With all of the changes going on, keeping up to date with them has been a challenge. With my so called victory with Revenue Canada last month, my enthusiasm about that has been at best, lukewarm. I am amazed at how all those little charges pop up. Most of them I just mailed back¬† saying, “sorry, I won, those are your costs, now piss off.” But I did a notice of a parking ticket from a parking lot company who is bugging me for money regarding an unpaid parking stall from August. I did not remember anything about parking in Vancouver in August at that location, so until they provide proof that I did park there, they can waste the stamps and paper asking begging for money. I did not even know that ICBC even gives out my personal information to private companies?

According to the Canadian official Weather Website, my neck of the woods should be getting frost for the first time this year. So, this means that I have to finish my winterizing before then. I still have a permanent garden hose that need to be insulated, and my crawl-space door properly mounted. These are a day job, and the supplies costed me about $200.00. I am not looking forward to the labour, but it has to be done, and with the short days, my window of opportunity is tomorrow, or drop.

OKay, yes, Terrace, BC. I maybe taking a little trip up there soon becuase of a potential job opportunity. Right now, it is all talk, and scoping out if in fact the employer is willing to take me on. I have several friends up there now, so I have inside information. The wage is roughly 60K, and the company is international. For those who do not know, Terrace was my old stomping grounds.

Astronomy New! Yes, I may have a window of good clear weather in which to view comment Ison this coming Tuesday. And when I mean “to view,” I mean–to photograph it. I have been waiting a long time, not only for this comet to come along, but for any astrological event to occur, with a cloudless night/day, to shoot it with my cameras. I have missed so many events in the Fraser valley due to crappy weather, I might as well be living in cave. Our weather is, could three-quarters of the year. Not good if you are into Astronomy. So, this Tuesday, around 5:45am, looking South-East, towards the constellation Virgo, you will Ison, a faint green comet. You may need binoculars to see it good.

I went down Glover Road and took the new off-ramp for the first time today. I am not looking forward to the new set of lights, as that will add five more minutes to my commute. I could never figure out why they never made HWY #10 with the overpass, instead of making it go over 64th Avenue? HWY #10 could better serve people instead of Glover Road and 64th Avenue–they could have save two farms.

I also received my first plastic ten dollar bill today too. I think the ten dollar bill will be the hardest to get used to. But hey, I like the plastic money overall. You can launder it, and it is practically waterproof. Yes, that was a joke. Sorry if you did not get it.

OKay, there. You are now caught up for the nest seventy-two hours of my life in general. Next time, à la prochaine fois!

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