If the Moon Were Made of Tartar Sauce

I had a couple of friends over this evening who were interested in having sort of a Star Party because we are finally getting some awesome clear weather that you can really see the stars good with. Great weather is hard to come by in Vancouver this time year, so you jump on ti when you can.As you may not know, I really like Astronomy, and have combined it with my photography.

I have a small 3 inch refractor and a 12 inch reflector telescope. My friends brought over their 1600mm spotting scope, which is cool for mounting a DSLR camera onto it and taking deep space shots with. But the best scope that came along today came from a friend who works in Vancouver, and she bought a Orion 15 inch compound scope (2 years ago) in which she paid nearly 2k for.  I’ll post photos of the scope later on this week. We drove down to the aquifer along 88th Avenue in Glen Valley were we had wide open sky to view with our scopes.

woman on the moon - small image

Before I go to bed I want to type about the conversations we had about folklore and strange beliefs of humans’ perceptions about space, or at least the objects that we can see. Tonight we came up with hundreds of them. As the night got colder, our ideas turned into our own fictional stories, playing the game of “what if we invented the stories–how stupid could we make them.” once we got past the “Earth is Flat” jokes, we got into the weird stuff.

Here are some of my favourites.

Since women are of the Moon, and the Moon looks so bright and white, then this means that the Moon could possible be made of tarter sauce. When you smear tarter sauce onto your fish ‘n’ chips, you get the small curators and the same marking that you see on the Moon. Since tarter sauce taste so good, everyone will want to go to the Moon, but she does not give up her secrets so easily, and only a few men have stood on her yummy surface, and live to to tell their stories with.

The planet Mars looks so orange and rusty. Garbage looks the same colour, like rusted cars and boats. Mars is global warming, and extreme climate change, so people who pollute and destroy the land are people who came down from Mars, and are trying to change the Earth to suite their needs so that one day they will invade and live here.

If you cover yourself with a blanket during the day, you can see pinholes of light shining through. Therefore, at night, a blanket is covering the Earth, between us and the Sun, and the stars are the pinholes of light that we see at night.

Clouds are exhaust from the engine that powers the Sun to push it across the sky. Some days, the Sun gets stuck, and the engine has to work harder to push the Sun, and as a consequence we get more clouds, and sometimes even storms. On really bad days, the Sun is tired and does not bother being pushed crossed the sky, so the engine just idles and covers the Earth with clouds all day long until it gives up and calls it a night.

Good night! 🙂

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