50 Years Ago

Today is sort of an historical day for two very important anniversaries, each turned fifty years old today: Doctor Who, and the Assassination of the American President JFK. I should point out that 1963 was before my time, so I am not that old, and therefore; I was not alive to experience these events on November 23 1963. It is hard to believe that these two events are linked like this (by date only), but I guess that is how the time-line works, pure coincidence, but one affected the other profoundly.

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Today, on the Space Channel, the latest Doctor Who episode was pumped over the airwaves, celebrating the fifty anniversary with a special show, The Day of the Doctor (2013) that featured just five of the last actors, and a couple of their companions, who starred in the television series, and a new character who was the young Doctor Who, played by an actor who was the eldest star of the whole show. Fitting for a Doctor Who plot. The Space Channel also played the movie, An Adventure in Space and Time (2013) that showed the creation of Doctor Who, and revealed the Canadian connection, which means that Doctor Who was started by a Canadian–can you believe it!

A huge fact that I did not even know of was that most people in Britain never saw the First run of the first episode of Doctor Who on the first release date. November 23 was also the day of the assassination of JFK. I could only imagine the disappointment for the staff and actors as the news was totally dominated by the assassination over in the United States. However, the first episode of Doctor Who was rebroadcast, and the television show took off with huge success–50 years, and 12 Doctors later!

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