Getting a Grip: Really

Okay, the title might have been a bit too ambiguous, but it is true, I did buy a grip for my semi-pro camera. Actually the proper term for it is called a vertical grip, but the company that I bought it from called it a battery grip. Either way, it gives me more gripping in both the horizontally and vertically positions, and doubles my battery life becuase it houses two batteries at the same time. And yes, I bought this unit from a company in Ontario, Canada which probably had it imported from China.

The Sony A77 with a Battery Grip Nov 26 2013 small image

The cost of the until is very cheap compared to buying the Canadian Sony item, by about $200.00. The Chinese knock-off only set me back a cool $60.00, and a six day wait for it by post. I tried the authentic Sony Canada merchandise, and I could only find very small differences in the look and feel when comparing it to this unit. I guess the real test is to see if the knock-off unit holds up to the test of time.

I am not going to fib a false sense of grandeur here about how heavy the camera now becomes with this added extra bit of appliance to it. I think I am getting close to over 2Kg now. But size does give more gripping surface area, and if you have big hands, then you have something to hold onto with it. Right of the bat, I found that I could use all five of my digits, firmly gripping the camera, than what I had before without the battery grip.

The plus side, I double my battery life, and the camera becomes more stable when shooting vertically. Though I must say, even with one battery, I would have to do some serious shooting to drain it in one go, but for long hikes in the bush, or back to back studio gigs, the extra battery would be a life saver me.

Looks are important, and having the battery grip, does change the camera’s whole look. To me, the camera looks means, very pro like, and whenever I see one on a camera, I stop and notice, so I hope that this happens to me out in the field.

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