Close-Up Plus 10 Filter

I got this brilliant idea about using these close-up filters that you see on EvilBay that sell for really cheap. I wanted to buy a set, so I made a purchase way back in September, but the order was a dud, never sent by the seller, and I ended up waiting for six weeks before I got my money back. So, once everything was settled with PayPal (Part of EvilBay) I dared to try again. Success, as for a mere Seven dollars, a close-up + 10 filter arrived in the Post today after a three-and-a-half week wait from China. So, playing with the filter on my 30mm (DT 2.8/30 MACRO SAM) Sony Alpha lens, this is my first impression.

Macro Shot 30mm lens with a 10x lens adaptor - small image

The close-up filter really did not do that much of a difference in magnification, but I should stress that I only tried it on a couple of shots, without a tripod. I have been pressed for time, so I may work on this again this weekend. The above shot was taken with the filter, and my shots without it were about the same, but without the extreme Bokeh (blur). So the filter does have some value if I want that extra smooth Bokeh that so many photographers crave for in their shots. The branch is only about 2 to 3mm in diameter.

The Sony Alpha 30mm MACRO Lens and a Banner Close-up plus 10 Filter - small image

I also need to point out that my 30mm lens has an extreme minimum focus distance of only 6mm, so I can get really super close to my subject and get 1:1 ratio images.

This filter will also fit onto my 55 to 200mm lens, so I may try it on that lens and do some shots this weekend.

One issue that I found with the filter on my 30mm Macro lens was that it only focuses on objects within a 0.6 to 30CM distance. Being that this lens is a prime, I am stuck with shots within that focus range, unlike my telephoto zoom lens where I can zoom in and out. When I did the maths on the optics, I found that close-up filters really do not work that well with wide-angle lenses to begin with. So this is a case where I should have put more thought into what equipment would work before I went on the Seven Dollar spending spree.

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