One Year Since

A little historical news: It is now been a year since I moved into my new digs. Hard to believe that one year has passed. Some part of me still thinks that I am still the new person on the block, or farm, going from the down town city (metropolitan Fort Langley, BC), to Rural back water, agrarian neighbourhood (Glen Valley), is still a shock, but I think this mile stone will now complete the assimilation.

What I have learned since moving here?

Silence is golden. From 1994 to 2012, I have lived with people constantly around me. Having neighbours just meters away has caused many conflicts over those years, not mention the inconveniences of having to share resources and space with others, a constant worry on so many levels. The ass-holes I will not miss, but I did develop strong friendships, and I had many good time too, many shared memories. The biggest, by far, constant from living in down town Fort Langley are the trains that rumble through many times a day. I lived just metres from them. Not only can you hear the trains, but you can also feel them, as Fort Langley is built on sand from the Fraser River over millions of years. My dishes, doors and windows would vibrate and rattle long before, and after, a train had passed. Where I am now, the train tracks are several kilometres away, so I can just barely hear the the railway noise, at night, when everything it still.

Country people are generally nicer than down town people. The level of rudeness is not as bad here. I am not saying that I have found utopia, but people here are more reserved and measured, and eventually you will get to know everyone from within a ten kilometre radios–so best to make friends than enemies when living in the woods.

It is by far much cheaper to live in the rural areas than it is in town. Everything is less, even my gas when adding in the commute, which one would think would be more money for the extra distance, but I get to plan ahead, and having the space to store more items, I make less trips, which reduces costs overall. Also since I am not sharing my electric hook up with other neighbours, my cost of electricity has dropped by thirty percent because I was always paying the high rate on the two tiered rate scale.

Privacy, is one attribute that I enjoy since living here. Sure, I am human, and humans are social creatures, but as a human I need my quiet time, alone time, and not having to worry if someone is looking at me through my living room window, while at the some time not having to worry if I am disturbing someone else. Seeing trees rather than houses and people walking along the side walk, is something that I am still getting used to. Just hearing a human voice in my back yard causes me to jump. Weird eh?

Well, I could write about this place all day, but I have to get on with my daily routine. In closing, I can say that I am very happy here. I now believe that I was meant to be here, living in the wide open spaces surrounded by trees and smelling the country air, my mind and body are healing. It is as it should be.


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