Nuts! The good Kind.

I bought some walnuts from Walnut Grove, near Fort Langley, from a store that I like to shop at every now and then (but I will not plug them here on my blog) and I am assuming that they are local nuts, as we do have lots of walnut trees on farms that I am sure harvest them. I love eating them this time of year. I think these nuts are winter food because if I eat them any other time, they make me sick. When I saw the barrel full of nuts in the store, I just had to buy a few kilograms.

Walnuts from Walnut Grove Dec 1 2013 small image

While I had the bag full of nuts, ( I was eating them on my home) I thought I would take a few shots of them with my A77 before all of the nuts were eaten. Using just the light from my table lamp, I got this image. Tomorrow I might try and get some different shots with my studio lights. I used my 30mm Macro, using ISO100 at 1/250 at f2.8.

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