I was Shocked to Hear the News About Nelson Mandela

When I turned on the television, this afternoon, ready to watch the news channels that I normally watch, the station cut into a live broadcast of the South African Leader announcing the death of Nelson Mandela. I stood there with my mouth wide open, not shocked, or in disbelief, but I was caught off guard with this news. Nelson Mandela is special to me becuase in my second year at University, I did a group project about him in one of my Sociology classes where I got study him very carefully.

I guess when you spend a lot of time researching a living hero, leader and mentor, for a class project, you create an attachment to the man on many levels. I dedicated six weeks in this course of finding every bit of information I could about Nelson Mandela for my research paper. The presentation was also a group component to the course so I was paired up with four other students who were also equally enthusiastic about presenting about Nelson Mandela and his life work. I had learned so much, and gained so much respect about the man, that I say his stories should never be forgotten.

Without any doubt in my mind Canada still has so much to learn from Nelson Mandela. Everything from First Nation issues, to basic human rights in our land, I can say that Canada has lots of room for improvement. Canada made Nelson Mandela an honorary citizen, the government of Canada, in return, should at least take his teachings, values and integrity to heart, and practice them here to their fullest to all who are Canadian, and all those who are beyond our boarders.

Rest in peace Nelson Mandela.

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