I’m Cold

We seem to be getting a little cold spell, which has lasted for about three days now, and said to be with us for the next seven days. What is unusual about this artic outflow weather pattern is that once the cold started, we have had very little precipitation, which translates into no snow. Tonight we are supposed to hit the coldest part of the weather pattern, with the weather warnings are saying a wind-chill that feels like minus twenty degrees Celsius. The actual temperature is supposedly going to dip down to minus twelve here.

It is cold in Fort Langley on Dec 5 2013 pic 01 sm image

The weather in the Vancouver (Canada) area is normally mild throughout the winter season, with expected periods of below freezing temperatures, like with what we are getting today, and these normally only last for short periods. There are people who are vulnerable to these extreme temperatures that are not equipped to deal with the cold who are out on the streets–the homeless. Vancouver has a large homeless population who otherwise do not have permanent/dedicated shelter. In these weather events, many homeless shelters in the Down-Town area open their doors to more people that usual. Tonight, and the rest of this week will be one of those times.

But there are people how do have homes, but their homes are not equipped to deal with the freezing temperatures. I was in a home yesterday in the Fraser valley that very poor insulation and was prone to having the water pipes freeze up every winter, and a heating bill that would be up to three hundred dollars per month! Sadly this was subsidized housing, and although the building looked nice on the outside, it was in a sad state. I can only Imagen that there are thousands of home in the Lower Mainland like this one.

It is cold in Fort Langley on Dec 5 2013 pic 02 sm image

I am glad that there was no snow before the cold snap hit us. There are reposts saying that we are in for snow later on next week. As much as I hate snow, or driving into, I am ready for it. I bought chains for my truck just on that remote chance that we may get that super dump, or snowmegeddon that we wish would never happen. Remember, even though Vancouver is in Canada, we are not prone to getting large amounts of snow, and weeks of freezing temperatures–one of the reason why I live here.

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