Take Me South–Please!

We are getting some unprecedented cold weather for December here in the refrigerator called the Fraser Valley. But, as I say, it could be far worse… like snow, drifting a metre high with 3 centimetres of ice underneath. When I was outside this morning shooting some landscape shots, I seen a jet high above me in the super clear sky, I wondered if they were off to somewhere tropical. I got it with a 300mm telephoto lens. I think it was landing in YVR (Vancouver). Yes, even thought it was super cold out (for Vancouver standards) the sky was incredibly clear, with lots of sunshine.

Leaving on a Jet Dec 6 2013 sm image

Funny, even with the 300mm lens on, this plain still looked tiny. I did not crop the image, and I left the vignetting showing becuase I thought it looks cool (pardon the pun). I also see that I need to clean my sensor again (there are two very noticeable spots in the image).

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