’tis the Season of Garbage

Maybe it is becuase I am getting older, or just more aware of what is going on around me, but we have a garbage problem in Langley Township. For the last ten years I have noticed an increase in the amount of refuse (garbage) deposited on the sides of roads, in ditches, abandon fields and properties. I have read several news articles about the problem, but seeing it is far more of an impacted than just reading about it. It was not until I had to take a load unwanted material to my local waste transfer station that I started to understand why I am seeing this road side mess. Actually, I can break it down into five categories of why people in general would want to deposit their waste along the side of the roads and vacant lots here in Langley Township.


I believe that the number one reason is cost. Unlike the olden days when you could leave your unwanted waste out on the curb, it would be picked up without question, and for larger items, a trip to the dump was just a matter of pulling up to the pit and unloading your trash, and then drive away. Today, you must drive out to two local area transfer station and pay for that service based on weight of whatever it is that you wish to deposit. But not only is there a cost, but the amount of labour that you must devote to your waste has also appeared in the form of source separation.


With transfer stations as the only legal means of unloading your waste, other than your municipal curbside pick up service, you must separate your waste into categorises for the purposes of recycling some materials, and for more toxic items, you must put those into special designated locations for separate dispensing. That can be a lot of work if you do not do this right from the get-go.


If you are poor, do not have a vehicle, or live in a dwelling that does not offer you proper waste disposal facilities, then you are more than likely going to be leaving your waste for someone else like your landlord, or dumping it somewhere down the road once to you leave. I think this is one area that the municipal government needs to focus on: a way of allowing people who cannot drive out to waste transfer location, have a one time pick up made for them instead, say, for a small fee. It is just an idea?


Hey, if you can drive down a country road, where there are few people living, the urge to just dump and run is there if you are so cheap to spare the time and costs of ridding yourself of your waste properly. Take the old style CRT Televisions for example. I remember when it was announced in Langley that everyone now had to take their unwanted electronics to an E-Waste depot, at no cost, to depose of them. Then I noticed that the roads became littered with CRT Televisions almost over night (from my point of view). It was like people just did not want to be bothered driving into town to unload their televisions at these depots.


I believe that people know that someone will, sooner or later, come and pick up the garbage left on the roads, whether it is the Township workers, or volunteers, the mess will be “taken care of.”

Driving out to the transfer station in South Aldergove, along 272 Street, was super easy, and it was fast. The facility is right off the road, and it took me less than five minutes to unload three large garbage bags of my household waste (about two months worth) and then on my marry way back home.

There is a minimum charge of $10.00. You are asked to weigh in over a scale that you drive onto. You are then given a ticket number, and you drive over to unloading bay. You unload your waste down into a deep trench that had a large conveyor belt at the bottom. Once you are unloaded, you then drive back to the cashier, onto another scale and then your are given the difference in weight, and charged for it accordingly. They charge about $0.03 per kilogram, or $107.00 per 1000 kilograms, or approximately one old school ton (2000 Lbs).

Langley Transfer Station Slip - Dec 8 2013

So my total weight of waste was 30 Kg, so I paid the $10.00 fee for this. Still a deal in my opinion.

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