YAY! First Snowfall

We are having our first significant snowfall of the season. Just a little sprinkle, about 1cm of ice-snow, but it is still snowing out so there is room for more to come. It is still very cold out, about -3C, so the snow is very light which means this will stick around for the next couple of days until is warms up. Got some pretty photos:

First Snow Fall Dec 9 2013 Fort Langley BC - a sm image

I live by a large hill, so fortunately, I am at the bottom of that hill, but I am seeing many people, driver’s, who are driving large 4×4 pick-ups who cannot make it up the hill becuase they have low quality tires on. Even in 4×4 mode, vehicles cannot make it up the hill if they have bad tires on. However, the garbage truck had no trouble, and this little Nissan car made it up too without any trouble. It is the tires that make winter driving fun, not the size of your vehicles.

First Snow Fall Dec 9 2013 Fort Langley BC - b sm image

I think by tomorrow I will hate snow once again; but for now, I will enjoy it, only becuase I have not had any for so long.

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