Our Mini Ice Age

From our fist freeze of the season, and coldest in about three years, I took photos of what it looked like out on the Frazer River as it was covered in ice. Please note that here in Fort Langley, BC (near Vancouver) that we very rarely reach temperatures that are this cold over long periods of time due to being so close to the Pacific Ocean, so we are not used to this. Sure, call us wimps. I have never seen this river ice up like this either (at Fort Langley), and it was cold enough that the ice reached from one shore of the Bedford Channel to the other, although the ice was by no way thick enough to support anyone on it.

Fraser River Cold - Fort Langley BC Dec 8 2013 - sm image

All of these photos I took on December 8, 2013.

The Frozen Fraser River Looking at Fort Langley - Dec 8 2013 - sm image

The photo above is looking South towards Fort Langley, right at the bridge that is Glover Road. It was about minus 9C when I took this shot.

All Boating is Temporarily Cancelled in Fort Langley BC Dec 8 2013 sm image

Just past Marina Park, at the end of Church Street, these boats are sitting surrounded by ice. I took this photo from the bridge.

Everyone was bundled up good, who dared to brave the cold, out on the streets. I should also point out that there were hardly anyone venturing outside–the streets were empty. It was like having the town all to myself.

It is So Cold In Fort Langley - Two Ladies Bundled Up Dec 8 2013 sm image

As of today, the weather started to warm up, with our daytime high reaching to about 5C. Soon we will be back to normal: snow and ice melted away, with rain, mild cold days, with grey skies ahead, but it will only last until the end of March. Maybe we will have another cold-snap like this? Who knows.

Hell Hath Frozen Over Dec 8 2013 sm image

The above photo is the reflection of the Sun from off of the ice right around two hours before dusk. I was setting my White-Ballance on the Sony A77, and this was the first shot after I had made the settings. With the Sun so low in the winter sky, instead of the “golden hour” that photographers like, we get, like, the golden morning and afternoon period; might as well call it the noon-hour bad period for photos.

But who knows, with climate change causing drastic changes to our weather patterns, we may in for more super clod days ahead as winter is still a couple of weeks away before it starts. I am keeping the long underwear out just to be prepared.

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