The Forgotten Photograph of Last Summer

I started transferring files over from my P.C. hard drive to an external drive, after I almost completely filled the internal 2TB drive up (which officially happen today). When I was doing that I found a whole pile of photos that I had marked, “to be sorted.” You can only imagine that I have thousands of images from many days of photo sessions that I just never had time to go through and list them. On top of that, most of the 2TB is of videos and photos, some stored as far back as 1995 when I first started my transformation into the digital era.

Here is one of the photos that caught my eye when going through my 2013 batch of files. This one was shot last August of this year, and I somehow had forgotten to run the RAW files through my photo editor for final analysis. I usually do a quick run though right after I copy each day’s photos onto my hard drive, and have a quick look at each image, but that day I never did.

The Aug 20 2013 SUNSET with Post Editing Dec 12 2013 - sm image

A little about this photo

I used my Sony Alpha 77 with a 28-300mm zoom lens, with a graduated ND filter so that I could look safely into the Sun with the lens. I am zoomed right out at 300mm in this shot. I was standing at the “look-out” on Brander Road in Abbotsford, British Columbia, looking West towards Vancouver. You can see three important landmarks in this photo. Looking along the bottom, in the extreme foreground, you can see; (1) the city of Vancouver, the little square shape buildings; (2) the Port Mann Bridge in the bottom left, the towers with the cable spans that are shaped like triangles; (3) at the extreme bottom, the three supports for the Golden Ears Bridge between Langley and Maple Ridge, over the Fraser River.

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