Cheap Lens on Pro Camera – Doesn’t Work.

For Months I have been battling the constant issue of not getting the sharpest images that as I can get with my latest camera that I want. I have these “stater” lenses I bought way back when I first got serious into photography, but they are far from, and no good for the level of quality that I want, when coupled with the my semi-pro camera. I have only one really half-decent lens, but it is only good for wide angle shots (it is a 14mm) which is not really useful for doing portraits or street photography, and I can only use it in manual mode, but it does produce super crisp images with my camera. Sure, my photos look good with my other lenses, but they are far from obtaining that je ne sais quoi…, sharpness, colour, contrast that I am looking.

Branches - Dec 10 2013 - sm image

Using my 28-300 Sigma lens with my Sony Alpha 77 body.

My inspiration happened when a friend of mine, who is not even a photographer, showed me a lens that he got when he was in Hong Kong. He bought a Sony NEX7, and some lenses with it, for under $1500.00. (I will be heading over there for some shopping, now that I know you can get camera gear for half price, as compared to here in Canada/U.S.). I tried his camera out, and ran the RAW files through my photo editing software. I was stunned at the quality of the images that came from his camera. The difference that I saw right-off was using his Carl Zeiss lens, a 18 to 55mm 2.8 (I believe–not sure becuase I only used it for a moment) because the sensor on both his camera and mine are the same, so I am assuming that the comparison is good. The glass on the Carl Zeiss lens is of incredible quality–and so are its prices. If you want super quality, then you pay for it, so $1500.00 for a lens is the sacrifice that I am willing to make.

Perhaps 1 out of 25 photos will give me the quality I am looking for in situations like street photography, but that ratio is like saying that I am going to waste a half an hour of my shooting just to get one good photo. So, it would make sense to buy the best glass that I can get to narrow the ratio of good to bad shots to as little as possible.  Anyway, I want to go further with my photography, so a revised shopping list is on its way. I think this new lens is the way to go.

I wrote “Cheap Lens on Pro Camera – Doesn’t Work,” back on November 21, 2013.

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