Dashing Through, Up to My Armpits: The White Menace

We got it today, about 12cn of the fluffy white stuff, commonly called snow. It hit early this morning after a very cold night, and it is still going after about ten hours. Sure, it was pretty to look at, but once I had to drive on it, well, all the prettiness faded to pure hate as I negotiated among the other drivers who slide and spun out all over the roads. Main problem, people with summer like tires on their vehicles. Perhaps life was better for me becuase I have a truck that has a wide wheel base, and comes equip with 4×4 all-wheel traction, but for many others who I shared the road with today, some failed miserably as they were stuck. blocking the roads, or causing near misses and others getting stuck as they tried to go around them. In all, today was good day just to stay home if you did not have to be anywhere else. So with my one and only errand completed, I did that, just went home and stayed put, and I will stay here until this white menace has melted and drains away.

Sipping Tea While it Snows - Dec 20 2013 - sm image

As the snow continues to fall, I decided to sit back and take the rest of the day off. I took many shots of the countryside, and some while I was in town, but my heart was just not into taking loads of photos today. But, instead of looking at the brown and green trees, there is blinding white snow, sort of a change in scenery, right? I figured that if I did not seize the opportunity of getting winter scenic shots, then that would be a horrible missed opportunity, (like forcing a horse to drink before heading out into the barren wasteland).

Waking up this morning and seeing the snow was also interesting as my alarm clock went off, not becuase it was suppose to, but becuase the power briefly went out. Another fear I have in my living situation: no power, no water, equals, frozen pipes once the power is restored until the weather warms up.

Let It Snow in Fort Langley BC Dec 20 2013 - sm image

When I was in town (Fort Langley, BC) the roads were just getting salted and cleared, or I should say: only the main road, as the side streets are always done last. Sure, I can understand this as money does not grow on trees, and that we have a scarcity of resources when it comes to snow removal services, but in all honesty I know that these “mini snowmageddon” periods only last a few days before they melt away into faded memory.

Fort Langley Snow Dec 20 2013 - sm image

I will not shovel, nor will I drive on the snow covered roads until tomorrow; maybe waiting up until Sunday when the chaos has subsided will I venture out to play in the snow then. I do have to do a food shopping trip very soon; so out of necessity, I will drive for that, but not until the latest after the storm has cleared, say tomorrow night at the earliest. For now, tonight, it is spaghetti night, and with that will come leftovers–so no starvation here.

So get out there and enjoy the snow!

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