That First Cup

Lately I have been getting less and less good quality sleep. I guess it could be part working longer, or I need to keep my mind focused when the days are so short on my projects, or I just have a lot on my mind and staying focused needs more energy causing the need for more “up time”?  Maybe I just cannot sleep normally any more because of not having a set daily pattern to work with because I am all over the place with my scheduling? Who knows? But, getting up and having that first cup of “kick-start” is one of my golden moments of the day, and something that I look forward to.

My Cup of Tea with Honey and Cinnamon on a Cold Morning - Dec 19 2013 - sm image

This morning I tried something new. A Japanese Green Tea, with honey, and a dash of cinnamon in it. I was impressed by the taste combination. Very yummy. A delicacy

I restricted myself from drinking this tea only up until noon time. Even though the label does not say that the tea has caffeine in it, it does not say that it is decaffeinated either because I do feel the “jolt” from it once I sip that first cup down. And becuase it is on the tad-pricey side, I limit my daily consumption to only two cups per day–if you are wondering if this is NOT why I cannot sleep normally, no, I do not drink tea past noon except on weekends.

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