A Long Night Ahead – Happy Solstice

There you have it, winter is finally here. With December already looking like winter started three weeks ago, I think this year’s winter season is going to be a long one. In the spirit of celebrating the longest night of the year, I placed a few candles outside along the path leading up to my patio. You know, add some light to the night. And I thought that this would make for a great photo too. It seems when you add snow and candles in the night, you get a winning combination of interesting photographs.

Happy Solstice - December 21 2013 - sm image

Actually, today was fairly mild compared to the last couple of days, accounting for the snow and wind from this last storm, we hit a plus two degrees Celsius, which is just enough to start melting the snow from off of the trees and make the roads nice for driving.

The photo does have a little post editing to it (Darktable v1.2.3 – Ubuntu 12.04LTS). My main problem was setting the white balance. The candles are like incandescent light bulbs, while there was enough ambient light causing the snow to look really blueish. So, I cranked up the white balance temperature to 5000k. O Kay, here are the data for this image:

  1. ISO: 1600
  2. Fstop: 2.8
  3. Exposure: 1/6s
  4. Lens type: DT 30mm F2.8 Macro SAM (Sony)
  5. Camera Body: Sony Alpha 77v

Well, I think it is an interesting photo. It is the snow that makes it, in my opinion. I have another idea too, taking my speed-light, adding coloured gels to it, and then do some long exposures,  lighting the trees with the speed-light in my back field up. I want to see if I can get some light effects from just doing these types of long exposures shots.

So, enjoy the night – they longer from here on in! Winter is finally here. Happy Solstice!

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