Let the Days Grow

With the winter Solstice now behind us, the season now catches up with the cold of winter and dimly lit days ahead making the fireplace, wrapped with a  comforter, the best past-time to be. Hope is the growing daylight, adding a few minutes each time, knowing that soon, in three months or so, the spring season will arrive. With all of the organized religions, and various cultures who also mark their adherence to the seasonal change, there is no denying that this astronomical event is significant to everyone who calls planet Earth home. The Sun will once again rise up into the sky to warm the Earth in the Northern hemisphere; life will serge, in weeks from now, with a race to grow new life where it now lays dormant under the ice and snow. The winter Solstice is the turning point for us in the North.

Looking North Over the Frazer River Dec 8 2013 - sm image

Happy Holidays Everyone! Happy Solstice!

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    Happy Holidays


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