Looking into My Crystal Ball at 2014

As I look into my crystal ball, I see 2014 chock full of new opportunities, and big changes both in the macro level, and right down to the micro level, mostly in terms of myself dealing with my ever changing career. But the important thing is, it is all about change, and change is coming, like it always does. But what it is different is that I have more control over it than usual for 2014. But lets see what else my crystal ball has to say.

The Cystal Ball of 2014 - thomasso - sm image

I see even cutbacks from everyday people around me. It is obvious that people are hurting in this economic low period as personal and public debt keeps climbing. I think it is only natural that people start to think twice about their purchasing power, and will either manage their debt problems through cutbacks, or just run away and bury their heads in the sand (bankruptcy). When the debt collector comes a knocking, people start to panic and do crazy things, like continue to live in a half million dollar home, while eating only Mr. Noodles three times a day to cut costs.

Prosperity is a matter of perspective. Sure, there are construction sites of new homes and commercial developments popping all over the place right now, but that is old money from a time when the Banks were freely loaning out by the truckload. Only the people who hoarded their millions will be building, and they will building only where they can find those sweet deals, from those who are bankrupted. It is the vicious circle of the business cycles, as it chews away at the everyday folks, making less winners than before in the game of monopoly. Prosperity is how long you can hold a smile, and keep a Loonie in your pocket before you can spend it.

Easy come, easy go. Perhaps unlike money, as it filters through our fingers out into the abyss, so does our self-respect and we dig deeper, trying to hold onto our high paying jobs. When employers soon figure out that they can import cheap labour, whether from across the road, or from a different Provence, the table will turn on job security. I see unemployment slowly creeping upwards, back to the 7, or 8 percent mark once again. People will have work, and as the market squeezes itself into oblivion, wages will shrink, and labour will become more demanding. Even organized crime will have its challenges as the market tightens up making criminals more harden to conduct their illegal businesses. The result for all, a lessoning of value for our sweat equity–scary eh?

Technology will leap forward, especially in the production of development for raw resources–and I am not talking tar sand either. I see new advancements in collecting and utilizing materials that are already in the marketplace destine for the landfill. Alternative energies will make front-page news, and new methods of how we travel will start to become practice like better electric cars, and better rapid transit vehicles. The consumer electronic industry will more than likely stagnate in 2014 as corporations fight over patents and production warehouses become to full while the markets become saturated with them.

Staying put. Personally, for me, going anywhere is becoming more difficult. The cost of travelling and relocating if I have to, are almost out of reach. Even in an emergency, like a loss of employment, relocating is highly unlikely becuase housing is going up, and rent is, well, carrying on someone else’s mortgage. A move, or trip, would require huge sacrifices, so 2014 is the years that everyone will stay at home.

O Kay, lets see how of my predictions I get right!

By the way, the image I created in Blender. I am getting better at 3D modelling, eh.

Happy New Year!

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