OverIndulgence, the Curse of the Overhang– the Fourth Belt Buckle

The time off has been great, but soon it will end, and with it the return of stress, the routine and good old cash–again. But another problem with the time off has been the extra weight that I packed on in these short few days. As the old saying goes: Holidays Equals, Mass Squared, over Volume, Times lots of Pie, Divided by X to the number of times I thought about how tight my pants are getting. To much of a good thing, is a bad thing.  To overindulgence is the curse of our holiday cheers, and the price we pay when we do not have the discipline in these times of relaxing to cut back.

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I guess this is why we do these New Year’s Resolutions, to punish ourselves into ridding these bad overindulgences we picked up from the week before. The question is, do they really work? Really, do they?

I had to wear my suit and tie for a dinner the other day, and to my amazement, the pants were getting a little snug. Actually, the pants were not the only thing that were getting snug, as my shirt was feeling a bit restrictive around the chest area. I wore the outfit, but when I got home I quickly decided that I either had to lose some weight, or buy another suit. I can see walking, a lot of walking, coming up in the new year.

When surrounded by good food, great friends and lots of sitting around, it is not hard to forget that human body was not meant to sit in one spot and gorge out, plate after plate, of super surgery foods. Add to that, totally messed up sleeping schedules, and random activities, my poor body is telling me that it is ready to quit. I am feeling like I am getting some sort of bug, but it just lingers, gnawing at me little by little. I hope it is not that killer bug that is going around.

So, next year! Next year is when I will turn everything around, and all will be good again until we feast again during the holidays. *burp* …excuse me.

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