Bye Bye 2013, Welcome 2014

Waiting for the clock to strike midnight. I have to say, like many New Years past, I may not venture to far from home, and just call it a peaceful night to myself. However, the night is still young, and it is still 2013, so all of this could change at a moments notice. I do have plans, for celebrating, but those plans keep changing as events get cancelled, and then rebooked, and their locations shift from one site to another, so I may just stay at home and call it a night if they are not sorted out. In the mean time, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 - 3D - Thomasso - weblog pic

Last night I created some “Happy New Years” scenes in Blender, practising my 3D art, and I came up with these two images. What is new in these scenes are my first attempts at creating tinsel string with Blender. I am amazed at how real they look. Actually, the method for creating them is quite simple, but I did have to search the web for tutorials to help me figure out the process to get the right settings.

HNY 2014 - text - weblog image

So, I am off. Everyone have a great New Year’s party, and behave yourselves out there! Happy New Years!

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