What did I do at the start of the new year? I was awaken from the depths of a warm sleep, by the phone ringing at 2:30am, right when I was dreaming of a wonderful parallel universe where I was on an adventure that was stopped abruptly by cries of drunken friends asking to be rescued; asking for a ride home because they were too inebriated to drive themselves. Tom, the designated driver–the rescuer–the dependable one.

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Blender 3D Art – Bye Bye 2013, Time to Move On.

I did dress, and then travelled out to Cloverdale, a suburb in Surrey, BC, to pick up my pickled friends. There was price for this. That price was a to fill up my vehicle full of fuel for my services, and we would then be even. They agreed.

The problem for them was that the taxi service they were hoping to use at the end of their celebrations was apparently overbooked, and they would have waited up to an hour before they would get one for a trip home. Transit was out of the question becuase there is only very limited transit to Fort Langley (and it stops before midnight), and none further out to where they live. They had a designated driver, but she became ill, and had to leave well before the New Years party got into full swing.

What was interesting was that on my to the pub, and back, I did not see one police road block, or a single police vehicle. In fact, the city was dead for this time of year. Most of my friends do get today off, and it is a holiday, so I figure that most left home early because this is in the middle of the week. So I saw little police presence in the area. However, earlier in the day I saw police out patrolling the major roads in Langley, BC.  Maybe they too had a New Years party to go to?

I did earn a full tank of gas, equivalent to $80.00 worth, but now my sleep routine is buggered up. Oh well. One regular weekday to suffer through, and then a fresh weekend to rearrange myself with for the beginning of the new year.

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