Is it Selfish of Me to Imagine

I know it is selfish of me to imagine, hope, wish for something better. Outside my warm room, my home, the forces of mother nature are raging on, with pounding rain, clouds so thick that you would think it is twilight, and cold, that bone chilling cold that reaches deep down inside you. Is it wrong to ask for something on the extreme side, like the the total opposite of what is outside now, say a little something, like, a massive heatwave to happen, followed by a week long drought to dry out the neighbourhood?

Wild West LOGO Jan 2 2014 b weblog image

I created this scene with Blender (3D Art Software) of what I would like to have as an ideal day, just for a little while, here in the middle of January among the forests of Fort Langley, BC–Canada. I would tear off my long underwear, and throw on my shorts and attach myself to the rotisserie out in the Sun, and bake for an afternoon until my skin changes to a well-done tan. Is it so selfish of me to imagine?

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