I Had a Visit from My Lawn Care Specialist This Morning

Life out here on the farm can have its moments when you least expect them. Like, for example, today, early this morning when I heard this scrapping sound coming from just outside my bedroom window. I got up and quickly checked it out what was making this noise. There, happily grassing away, was a llama with out a care in the world.

Lawn-Care Salesllama Jan 4 2014 Weblog Image

I laughed when I looked further down the field to see an entire herd of renegade llamas munching away on the grass. They came from the farm next to us, and had somehow found a break in the fence, and moved in to feed on the newly discovered grass. They were in no hurry to feast away on the grass.

I was not heart broken over this becuase I like llamas, and I thought, “hey, cool, lawn care specialist” because they cut and fertilize the grass as they move on through from one field to another. My land lord, well, he thinks differently becuase he has his own llamas, and that grass is for his llamas, but this section of field is not designated for animal grazing becuase of the shop and my place are located on it. So the llamas were relocated back to their owner’s land, and I got some really good shots of the llamas during their short visit here.

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