Dreaming of New Gear

Oh the “upgrade itch” is back. I have been thinking about it for the last week, wanting to add more to my ever growing collection of camera lenses; wanting to push more into getting better professional standard equipment, but the question, “should I,” keeps popping up. Oh the dilemma.

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The question that I keep mulling over and over in my mind is justifying the cost of a $1700.00 lens (that I really, really, want), over the next lowest product down from it in terms of build quality and standard of glass, a $800.00 lens that is close, but the difference it hardly noticeable to the viewer. What I am finding is that more and more of my photos are throwaways because the sharpness is off, or the focusing is out, leaving me a ratio of about 1 out of 25 photos that are good enough to be considered for post editing out of a entire batch of shoots. Out of those, maybe 1 out of those 10 photos are worthy of my standard to be shown to the world. Obviously theĀ  entry level grade gear is not going to cut it if I want that professional quality I seek.

I bough the semi-pro camera body, but I still have the lenses from when I was shooting with the consumer grade camera body. It is like, to quote another photographer I seen on YouTube, “putting bold tired on a Ferrari.” He is so right. It just doesn’t make sense putting a $200.00 lens on a $1200.00 body. Sure, I can shoot 12 frames per second, but I get 12 frames of anything but sharp as a thumb-tac photos, and yes, I can use my numerous cross-type auto focus sensors, but you can only push that cheap glass only so far.

I should have this decided my this weekend. *sigh*

3 Thoughts on “Dreaming of New Gear

  1. Question regarding your lens choicing…

    a. What lens specifically do you have that you wish to replace.
    b. What are the $800 and $1700 lenses you are referring to?

  2. Hey Radman! Thanks for the comment. I was hoping that you would comment.

    Part a:

    I have the Sony 16-55mm, and 50-200mm (cheap lenses), and a Sigma 28-300mm which is low end armature stuff.

    Part b:

    The lenses that I am currently looking at are a “Tamron AF 28-75mm f/2.8 SP XR Di LD Aspherical (IF)” and a ” Tamron AF 70-200mm f/2.8 Di LD IF Macro Lens” for $800, or same lens, but with the USF for $1.4k” which has the ultra fast auto focus on it.

    Still haven’t committed to buying any of them yet, so I am still researching my options. The Tamron AF 70-200mm f/2.8 Di LD IF Macro Lens I can get a deal for it until next week for $650.

    The Carl Zeiss lenses (super pro) are still way out of my price range, but I am hearing so much good stuff about Tameron lenses.

  3. Ya, that’s quite the dilemma. I went through the same thing trying to choose a lens in the focus range (70-200mm).

    Both the Sigma and Tamron offerings for the Pentax system seemed like compromises. I ended up waiting for and choosing the DA* 60-250mm for its optical quality and weather sealing.

    I just did some quick research on the 2 telephoto Tamron offerings and best as I can tell on a quite look, the cheaper Tamron may give you more frustration. Both the Sigma and Tamron will give you generally better image quality, though not entirely the panacea you may be seeking.

    More so though the auto focus system on the cheaper Tamron is not reviewed to be strong and the manual focus engagement and disengagement is prone to frustration. I’ve seen that feedback a few places I looked, including this DP Review piece below.


    Hope that little tidbit helps.


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