Dreaming of New Gear

Oh the “upgrade itch” is back. I have been thinking about it for the last week, wanting to add more to my ever growing collection of camera lenses; wanting to push more into getting better professional standard equipment, but the question, “should I,” keeps popping up. Oh the dilemma.

Patio Frozen Solid Jan 5 2014 WebLog Image

The question that I keep mulling over and over in my mind is justifying the cost of a $1700.00 lens (that I really, really, want), over the next lowest product down from it in terms of build quality and standard of glass, a $800.00 lens that is close, but the difference it hardly noticeable to the viewer. What I am finding is that more and more of my photos are throwaways because the sharpness is off, or the focusing is out, leaving me a ratio of about 1 out of 25 photos that are good enough to be considered for post editing out of a entire batch of shoots. Out of those, maybe 1 out of those 10 photos are worthy of my standard to be shown to the world. Obviously theĀ  entry level grade gear is not going to cut it if I want that professional quality I seek.

I bough the semi-pro camera body, but I still have the lenses from when I was shooting with the consumer grade camera body. It is like, to quote another photographer I seen on YouTube, “putting bold tired on a Ferrari.” He is so right. It just doesn’t make sense putting a $200.00 lens on a $1200.00 body. Sure, I can shoot 12 frames per second, but I get 12 frames of anything but sharp as a thumb-tac photos, and yes, I can use my numerous cross-type auto focus sensors, but you can only push that cheap glass only so far.

I should have this decided my this weekend. *sigh*

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