Is This a Blip, Or a Trend?

Just how bad is it here in our great land we call Canada today? Listening to the news today, hearing the latest unemployment rate, which now sits just above the seven percent mark as of today, I cannot help but say, “are we surprised about all of this”? I mean, really? Did not anyone see this coming? Anyone who is in the labour force, who does not live underneath a rock, is seeing the the wroth of the economic uncertainty can see this. Just look in a retail store: lots of people walking in and out, but hardly anyone buying, and those who do buy, buy with credit. A friend of mind agreed with me today that the symptoms are there, “just look at the television commercials…, look at the desperate faces of the salespeople in the electronic stores, and empty sections of shelves in the grocery stores” he says. The sings are there, everywhere.

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Television commercials are now dominated by showing sales pitches from just about all of the financial institutions here in Canada. The credit card companies are really pouring on the ads, but they are not the only ones, they are just currently advertising the most from my “finger slips” on the PVR-Fast Forward button. Next are Banks, then insurance companies who are desperate in tapping into your hard earned assets. However, Life Insurance companies are starting to pour it on hard too over the airwaves/cable-channels. It is funny because of they are advertising like this, then this is a sign that they are desperate, and they need your business (or just your money).

Walking into a electronics store yesterday, I was just about given the third degree sales death grip, as this sale person would let me go, and followed me around store like a puppy dog wanting a doggy bone. Actually, it was a bit embarrassing, as the item I was interested in suddenly became “on sale,” but they did not have the model I wanted, so I left. But, not before I had to run the gauntlet to get to the exit where another sales person approached me to see if I would be interested in looking at another item that I had no interest in. So I had to walk around that person just to leave. It was a very uncomfortable atmosphere.

Shopping has been a bit of a weird experience too. I stopped at three grocery stores looking for a particular type of spaghetti sauce yesterday that I really like. None of the stores had it. In fact, at each store, the spot where the sauce is kept was left left bare. I asked a clerk at one of the stores if they were getting some stock, and he told me that the company who wholesale the item was late on getting their shipments out to everyone, so no one had any stock left over to tie them over. Then he told me that that particular outfit was experiencing some legal/money issues. And he was dead serous about that. But that was not only item that found to be out of stock. I was in search of a A/C power cable for my portable stereo. Every store that I went to (only four in Langley City) said that they would have to order it for me. I was thinking how could everyone be out of such a common item like a power cord? I think many stores are no longer keeping inventories. Shopping online seems to be on the only viable options now for shopping for these kinds of items now…, if I want it when I need it–and save on the gas.

Is this a blip, or a trend?

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