Laying Low, Keeping Busy

I have been laying low, keeping busy, so I have neglected the blog for the whole week. If you are a regular reader, I hope you can understand that January is a very busy month for me, so posting will be a bit spotty over the next while. Actually, I have been working on the blog (WordPress), getting some annoying bugs fixed that have been gnawing at me for some time, but other than the website maintenance, I have been focusing on other things. So, here is the past week in a nutshell.

I did not buy that camera lens that I wanted, yet. Lack of time from my schedule, and second guessing myself on it, have been the hold up. $1,200.00 is a sizeable chunk of cash to part with, so I am keeping an very watchful eye out for the next deal to come along before I commit to the purchase. This current deal that I am looking at now is good, but I am reading that better deals regularly pop up from time to time, so, I can afford to wait them out.

I was getting hit with a lot of email/comment SPAM through my Weblog. The cause was some unresolved security bugs from not setting my administration properties back up correctly during the last WordPress update. Because I log onto the weblog from many different location that I frequent, I added some extra levels of user preferences in my administration panel/settings to help make sure that the workstation I am at cannot store passwords and cookies, and when I updated WordPress, those settings defaulted, and I never bothered to check them until I was getting hit with about 30 emails from comment SPAM in one afternoon (Last Monday). The blog itself was never in any danger from hackers.

This weekend I should have more time to write. So, until then–A bientôt!

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