The Popular Poplar Bar Park in Glen Valley

With everything so slow from the seasonal economic dip we are in, which is normal throughout the winter months, I took a drive over to Poplar Bar Park, bringing my camera, to do a little hiking and photo shooting to kill off the afternoon. Today was exceptional, as it had warmed up, and it was an almost perfectly clear sky with lots of sunshine hitting the trees, and best of all, the fog had lifted. And added to the beauty of the trip was that there were only a couple of other people at the park too while I was there, making it an awesome nature camera event without being disturbed by other hikers and dog walkers. Poplar Bar Park - Up Through the Trees Jan 23 2014 - Weblog Post I am going to assume that these are poplar trees, as these are the dominant trees growing here (showing in the above photo). I am not a tree expert.

Poplar Bar Park - Lumpy Trees Jan 23 2014 - Weblog Post

A shot of the trail that I was on. There are lots of these “lumpy” trees along the paths.

The park is located just along the Abbotsford, Langley Township border, about 11km East of Fort Langley, BC, along the South shore of the Fraser River. It is part of the Glen Valley Regional Park(s), as there are two smaller parks on either side of Poplar Bar, along the South shore of the river. To the West, about 2km, you have Two-Bit Bar (Langley Township), and to the East, about 4km, you have Duncan Bar (Abbotsford, BC).

Poplar Bar Park -  Sign -  Jan 23 2014 - Weblog Post

The park is really well maintained and the paths are well marked and laid out. It has picnic tables, and a large section of grassy space, and about 3 km of trails. Perfect for the family, or just wanting to go for a good hike. You have access to the river, and there are no hills. And with the water level low this time of year, the sand bar is very exposed. I even seen a guy fishing along the sand bar just metres from the park entrance today.

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