Bamboo Plants

There are bamboo plants growing here on the farm that I live on. Of all the plants to see here, these were a surprise to me as I figured them to be more of a tropical loving type plant. They obviously did not start on their own here as they were transplanted by the previous occupants, but I have to say, out of all the plants growing here in the middle of January, these bamboo plants are seemingly doing well despite the winter. I would say that they are happy, and growing nicely without any care or attention. The question I have is: will they become a problem in the future if they start growing into other fields, taking over and killing off native species in their wake?

Bamboo in Fort Langley BC 03 Weblog

Bamboo in Fort Langley BC 01 Weblog

Bamboo in Fort Langley BC 05 Weblog

Bamboo in Fort Langley BC 02 Weblog

Bamboo in Fort Langley BC 04 Weblog

Actually, now that I am aware of them, I see bamboo growing everywhere here in Glen Valley and Fort Langley, BC. Even along the road going to my place from Fort Langley there is a large grove of bamboo growing right along side of the road. Those plants are at leas 2.5 metres tall, and growing.

One tweet I got from a follower on Twitter told me that bamboo is an “invasive plant that you cannot kill,” but I have my doubts as to whether or not these plans could survive, or grow, on their own. But I am not a biologist, nor a gardener, so my understanding of this plant is very limited. I am aware if bamboo’s role as an important plant in South East Asia with it’s many uses and symbolism in those cultures that use it.

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