The Senate Hall of Shame Cards

They arrived! It took a while, but the NDP made good on their offering of freely giving out these cards in light of all the Senate shenanigans that are currently going on between it and the Harper Government. The playing cards are are for fun, but they point out just how much of an issue this branch of government has become with its spending and budgeting practices.

I for one now look at the Senate as one big free-for-all where its members are pampered in riches from the backs of taxpayers; and in its current state, a puppet of the House of Commons: Totally useless. I agree with the N.D.P. right now in that Canada either must expunge the Senate, or heavily reform it so that each member is elected, held accountable, and follows the same rules that the House of Commons does on spending, attendance and responsibility to all Canadians.

NDP Senate Hall of Shame cards Jan 24 2014 Weblog Image

I got ten playing cards in all. On the back side of each card there is information that corresponds to a Member of the Senate with total estimates of costs (in question) that were known at the time, and some background information about that member. There is a bit of a shock-and-awe effect when you add up all of the totals.

I suspect that issuing the cards now, in January, several months since the Senate scandals reached fever pitch, was designed to help keep it in the public’s attentions. Either way, I must say, at least the N.D.P. kept their promise on delivering these cards to those who asked for them.

By the way, I am still waiting for the Harper Government to respond to my letter I sent to them back in March of 2010.

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