10 Years of Blogging!

My has time gone by. Where does it go when you are having fun? It is hard to believe that it has now been ten years, to the day, since I started blogging, from my very first post back on January 26, 2004. From an idea that just started out as means of testing out servers, software and various web applications and platforms, to a hardcore, in your face, personal weblog, this website, with its domain and all of the different web interfaces that I have added and changed, has undergone many evolutions and transformations over the years. The one constant has been the blog, and with it, the use of WordPress as the primary blogging platform. Will I keep it going another ten years?

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First some web statistics and facts about my humble website, and the domain Thomasso.Com.

There are 2487 blog entries in total, and out of those posts, 1877 are public, 8 private with public access mainly for family and close friends, and 602 private/encrypted which I used for my undergraduate work in University.

I started with WordPress, when it first started, as it transitioned from the B2 (cafelog) project back in 2003, into what we see today as WordPress 3.8.1. So, WordPress was just a few months old when I first cut my teeth into the world of blogging.

My inspiration came from a blogger named netchick.ca, who, at the time, lived in Vancouver and was featured on CBC Radio One – British Columbia, when Blogging was the next big craze on the Internet. I remember quickly dropping everything I was doing that day at work, to look at what this blogging stuff was all about, and I typed in her U.R.L Yes, I emailed Netchick to ask if it was O Kay to post a comment on her site. I was such a noob then. LOL. Thank you Tanya D. for your inspiration and your “just do it” attitude.

Blog troubles started quickly as hackers, comment SPAM and stupid web hosting companies almost made me throw in the towel on blogging. I made the switch from Micro$oft (PLESK) to LINUX (Cpanel) which took care of about 90 percent of my problems, but WorPress itself was undergoing bug fixes after bug fixes trying to keep up its security holes and vulnerabilities. Maintaining the website was a daily chore. Also, since 2004, I have migrated five times, from my home base server to various web hosting companies, from Vancouver, BC, to where I am now with a company called Site5.

I have currently 4332 images, and a total combined 3.2GB of Thomaso,Com goodness, all wrapped up through the weblog. Now that harddrive space is so cheap, worrying about disk usage and paying for it is almost a thing of the past.

Web traffic. I am not going to put up those stats because of time, but my website is viewed a lot. Just looking at yesterday web stats, 2303 views took place for that day alone. The hot items that people like look at are my photos. I am still small potatoes compared to other weblog/websites I maintain in my current endeavours, but not bad for a personal weblog.

The persona Thomasso was a name given to me from my fellow band members back in the days when I was a fledgling musician. I have posted about this before, so I will leave it up to you to seek those posts out if you want to learn more about the origins of this name. Anyway, the name stuck, and I have used it ever since.

So, here is to another ten years of weblogging. I hope reading my blog has been as much fun as it was for me writing it. I do not have plans of shutting this down in the near future, so as long as I can, I will keep on blogging.

2 Thoughts on “10 Years of Blogging!

  1. Congrats on 10 years, Thomasso! I remember clearly the day you emailed me oh so long ago to request that comment 😉 Too fun! I went back to try to find that comment, but alas, my comments are only searchable back to 2006 due to a server/database issue I had in late 2005.

    I can’t believe this is my 17th year of blogging… I feel old 🙂

    Keep up the good work! I’ll be back!

  2. Thanks Tanya!

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