Experimenting with Play Lights

I ordered some battery operated LED lights for the purpose of creating some photo effects for my photography. These are well established shots done by many photographers around the world, so this idea is far from my own invention. Because this technique looks so cool, I just had to create my own version of the effect for myself. I just needed some portable lights, like x-mass tree one, and some other props, and a way I went!

This is a test shot, but it turned out very well, using my 28-300mm zoom lens (50mm at f2.8):

Thomasso Tea Goodness Jan 31 2014 Weblog Image

The lights I used, I ordered them from China, on EBay, which cost around $0.99 for a string of 40 LED lights on a 2 metre string. These lights work on batteries, so they are very portable. I only wanted white lights, but now that I have them, I may order some multi coloured lights and have a bunch more for more elaborate shots.

I have a studio, so I will set this shot up using a black muslin back drop, with just a single strobe, and start playing with this set-up then. For now, the test shots that I took today, just moments after I got the lights home, really inspired me to get more creative then I originally thought.

This shot, the lights are 2.5 metres behind the cup, and the cup is 1.5 metres from the camera. Adjusting the F-Stop, and my ISO settings, really got some interesting bokeh from the lights in the background, and that is what I want. This is my weekend project.

Some other shots I took today as well, since the day turned unexpectedly nice.

Time to Fix the Patio Deck Jan 31 2014 Weblog Iamge

Morning Ice on January 31 2014 Weblog Image

You can see this images in a larger size on my Twitter feed.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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