New Lens is On its Way: F2.8 16-50 SSM

I finally made the plunge, after several failed attempts trying to buy one at a reasonable price, I got the lens I wanted, all the way from Japan. Another example of a Canadian retailer loosing out on a deal because of price gouging and taxes. However, one word of caution, between E(vil)Bay and Amazon, you really have to watch your deals becuase of the hidden costs, and I mean those little fees that do not pop up until you have committed to buy. Needless to say, I am happy with my purchase, albeit a little more than I originally wanted to spend, but with the Canadian Dollar taking a slide in the toilet, I think I did pretty damn good.

Here is a photo of the lens taken from the Japanese seller’s website:


My total cost is $580.00, a far cry from the 845.00 with taxes and shipping sold here in Canada; $904.00 if I bought the lens here in British Columbia at a Sony store.

About those hidden costs on E(vil)Bay. Right now, the Canadian Dollar is worth about 0.875772 U.S. Dollar, so you would think that you would only pay that percentage when it came time to cash out on your Paypal Account. WRONG! The cost is more like 19.6213 Percent! So be warned when calculating your exchange rates when researching your overseas purchases. When E(vil)Bay lists prices in U.S. Dollars, you must add into the rate of the dealer fees in it as well: another 8 to 9 percent to the Bank Exchange Rate to get your actual total cost.

Why Did I Buy That Lens?

The answer is becuase Sony made this lens for the APS-A sensor that my A77 has. When Sony put the Alpha 77 on the market, this was the kit lens that came with it. I was sceptical when I first seen the lens, so I opted only to the get the camera body when I bought the A77, as I had several other lenses from my previous camera. Since then, I decided that this lens was the way to go becuase it is very compatible with the camera. With this lens, both my camera body, and the lens are now all water-resistant. Having the F2.8, from 16mm to 50mm, is a huge bonus for the wide angle shots that I like to do, so shooting at F2.8 should be a dream. The lens is a Zeiss glass wrapped up in a Sony body, as I am hearing a lot about the build quality of the lens, and the photos it shoots, are excellent and sharp.

What is Next on my List of gear?

I still want the telephoto, F2.8, with at least a 70mm to 200mm focus range. The Sony equivalent is around $3,000.00, so for this lens I may aim for the third party option, like the Tamron lens I was looking at earlier, just based on the price versus quality. That lens sells for about $800, and I have seen it listed as low as $600.00, a steal of a deal. I am still looking, and researching, still deciding on what I should look for next.


Yes, I am excited.I should see the lens in about 4 to 7 days, as it makes it trek from Japan to Vancouver. Excitement for sure!


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