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My new camera bag finally came in from China today, the one that I bought on E(vil)Bay. It was such a sweet deal that I figured if the bag did not perform, the most I would out of pocket would be $30.00, so I jumped on the deal. I am fairly happy with the quality of the bag, and the padding that came with it. I now have something large enough, and comfortable, to pack my gear around when I am out in the field. Here are my first impressions:

New Camera Bag - Feb 6 2014 Weblog Image

The shipping took about two and a half weeks to get here from Hong Kong. This is about the average time that it takes for items to travel from across the pacific, shipped by economy class post. The Items did have free shipping, so that just added to the sweetness of the deal, and was worth the wait.

I wanted a bag that was good enough to take through the bush and protect my gear, while at the same time be classy enough to take to a fashion show, or formal event that would look good in format dress. I like the vintage look, so I was focusing on that when I was searching out what I wanted for a camera bag, and I came across this little gem on E(vil)bay.

The bag is made of canvas, so it is semi water-proof. The fabric is very strong and thick, plus there is a fair amount of padding to protect the camera and lenses I put in it. It has lot of pockets and holders for my accessories, like ND filters, cleaning equipments, and batteries.

There are a couple of things I wish the bag had on it that I think are needed. It has a shoulder strap, but they should have put an smaller handle across that top so that you not need to rely on the shoulder strap to pick it up with. They should have used real leather instead of fake leather for the buckles and tabs. I can see the fake leather failing once I start using this bag.

For $30.00 bucks, I cannot complain. The average cost of a bag like this here in Canada is around $200.00, $150.00 if they were on sale. Size is everything.

I can carry my camera, SonyA77, with a telephoto, and two smaller lenses, plus a wide angle lens, comfortably. It is about 35cm wide, by about 15cm, and 30cm tall, with lots of padding.

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