New Lens Arrived!

My latest edition of camera gear has arrived! All the way from Osaka, Japan. I saved about $300.00 had I bought in Canada, a super deal. As soon I got it from the Post Office, I slapped the lens on my camera and headed down to the park in Fort Langley, BC to do some shooting with it. What a difference this lens is, smooth, very quick auto focus, and the images are good and sharp–I should have bought this lens a long time ago.

My new Lens f28-16-50mm with my camera Sony A77

Just to reiterate from my last post about this lens, it is a DT F2.8 16-50mm SSM Sony Lens. The focusing motor is very quick, and silent too! It tracks birds very well. Also, for most A77’s this is the kit lens that goes with it. Now, both the lens and the camera are weather resistant. I do not have to run inside whenever it rains now while taking photos out in the forest. And with F2,8 zoomed all the way, I can shoot in low light with good results. In fact, all of the photos I took today, shooting in program-mode, the ISO never jumped out of 100!

Since I bought the body on sale, and got this lens for a super deal, I saved overall about $300.00 from if I purchased the lend from the camera store here in town.

O Kay, some of the test shots I took after first getting the lens from the Post Office.

Feb 7 2014 image C weblog image

Weeds Feb 7 2014 weblog image

Feb 7 2014 image B weblog image

Feb 7 2014 image A weblog image

I am very happy with this wide angle lens.

Later I am going to to try some video with it. With a silent AF motor, shooting video should be good now as I can include audio without the sound of a focusing motor constantly grinding away in the background. I have seen examples of the video shot with the A77 and this lens on the web, so I am looking forward to getting some great quality video with it!

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