I like Razor Sharp

The new lens is already showing so much promise, as I started to fine-tune my camera and the lens today, getting some very crisp and razor-sharp images from it. I took this image in the early afternoon, doing some macro shots with the Sony F2.8 16-50mm lens. I still cannot get over how quick this lens focuses–a lot faster than anything else I have shot with.

Dead Flowers Feb 8 2014 Weblog Image

Hydrangeas in February–a little dead, but still beautiful in the winter Sun light. Special thanks to @ashery for pointing out what species of plant this is.

Tomorrow I will test the camera and lens, and perform some micro focusing corrections, to see if the lens needs any fine-tuning or not. From what I can tell, this lens seems to be right on the mark, but I will not know until I do a couple of focusing tests. So far this lens rocks as far as performance and quality. I am very happy with it.

4 Thoughts on “I like Razor Sharp

  1. Start making money with this expensive lens Tom, sometimes on craigslist someone is looking for a photographer..

  2. I am, Dan. Though my clients are not from craigslist. 🙂

  3. Does it make any difference if someone is posting on craigslist ? Is he/she a bad person or something like that?
    I dont think so.

  4. Oh no, Dan, that was not what I meant at all! All of my photo gigs have been done through networking on either my website, or with specific businesses around me.

    I do look at craiglist, and other classifieds websites, for various items, and so far, I have not seen any ads that compare to the calibre of what I have done in the past with photography. There are hundreds of websites that specialize in photography gigs–it is those that I set my sites on.

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