Oh, But it Does Not Say No Shooting (with the Camera)

I finally took a drive over to Two Bit Bar, along the banks of the Fraser River today, in Glen Valley (Langley Township, BC). Sure enough, there, to my left on 272nd Street, was the Hassall House, built in 1917 (Metro Vancouver, 2013), and the little parking lot, equipped with an out-house, and custom stairway down to the river’s shore. This is one of the smallest parks I have been in as far as parks goes for Metro Vancouver. If you blink, you have missed it.

I laughed when I read the sign on the fence that says, “No Hunting.” I thought to myself, “great, but I can still shoot….. with my camera.” Hey, that is the way my mind works–do not ask me why. I guess with photography, everything associated to it, it seems, is described in terms of gun analogies, and references to cannons.

No Hunting at Two Bit Bar - Langley Township BC Feb 12 2014 Weblog Image

Most of the ice has melted away. There were just tiny little icebergs floating along the river, to few to get good photos of, but all that you can see are along the shores. Now that it is warming up, I figure by next week, you would never have known that we had a week long freeze around here.

Left Over Ice in the Fraser River - 2 Bit Bar - Langley Township BC Feb 12 2014 Wblog Image

And of course, the weather. Partly cloudy, with wonderful 8C to 9C temperatures; a welcome change from the -8C or -9C we had last week.

The Skies Over Glen Valley - Fort Langley BC Feb 12 2014 weblog image

A wonderful day to do some shooting in!


www.metrovancouver.org (Regional Parks Department)

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