Flowers are Up! Is Spring in the Air?

It is such a relief to finally see some of the flowers popping up out from underneath the forest floor, after such a wild winter. I just caught these today when I was out back, cleaning up branches that had fallen off from the wind storm last night. Unlike last year, when everything started with one long week of sun filled weather, only these white flowers starred first. I am sure in the next few days the crocuses will pop too, as I usually mark those as the true start of the spring weather. I should add too that becuase of my lack of knowledge about flowers that these could be crocuses also? If someone could help me I.D. these little guys?

First Flowers of 2014 thomasso Weblog Iamge

First FLowers on the Farm for Feb 15 2014 - weblog image

Because it has been such a dark day, with another storm rolling in, I had to use an external flash to get theses shots. I had a heck of a time trying to meter these white flowers, so as a result, the flowers themselves seem hugely over exposed. If I had brought a tripod for the flash, I could have placed it a proper distance away, but I was holding it with my hand at arms length, while shooting.

ADDED: Feb 16 2014

According to my friend, who lives up in Terrace, BC, these little guys are called Snow Drops.

2 Thoughts on “Flowers are Up! Is Spring in the Air?

  1. They are called snowdrops and are beautiful 🙂

  2. Thanks Dan. You know your flowers!

    We need to get together sometime soon, even if it’s for coffee?

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